About Mount Lofty Springs Water

  • All Mount Lofty Springs water is sourced from a naturally free-flowing spring located just below the peak of Mount Lofty. The water comes from aquifers deep below ground level rising through layers of sandstone and bedrock which filter it before it reaches the surface. This natural filtration process gives the water its unique properties and taste.

  • Before bottling, all Mount Lofty Springs water passes through a series of micro filters and an ultraviolet sterilising station to ensure you get 100% premium spring water of the highest quality and nothing else. Mount Lofty Springs water is not chlorinated.

  • Mount Lofty Springs’ water is non-carbonated and contains no calories, preservatives or additives.

TYPICAL ANALYSIS (milligrams per litre)

Content mg/L
Iron 0.0007
Calcium 1.4
Potassium 2.1
Sulphate 5.5
Magnesium 4.2
Sodium 25
Chloride 53
Fluoride 0.07
Bicarbonate 12

The pH of our water typically is between 5.5 – 6.5 on the scale which makes it slightly acidic (neutral is 7). Total dissolved solids are 133.9 ppm (parts per million) which is very soft, perfect for coffee machines & kettles.

NB: Mount Lofty Springs water is not artificially fluoridated and contains only natural traces of fluoride amongst other minerals. Tap water fluoridation levels are approximately 0.7 - 1mg/lt.